The International Federation of Journalists has renewed calls for the immediate release of Al-Jazeera producer Mahmoud Hussein to mark the 600th day of his ongoing detention in Egypt.

Hussein, an Egyptian journalist, was arrested on 23 December in Cairo while he was on vacation with his family, accused of “disturbing public security and spreading false news”. He has since been held in an unknown place and his detention has been continuously renewed by Egyptian authorities without trial or any official charge.

His arrest has been condemned by international rights groups and media freedom organizations, including the United Nations.

Egypt is one of the most prolific countries for jailing journalists for carrying out their professional work.  In 2017 there were thought to be 20 journalists behind bars in Egypt, including photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid, alias “Shawkan” and freelancer Ismail Alexandrani, jailed for 10 years in May. Dozens of journalists were arrested in the run-up to the 2018 Presidential elections. Many remain in jail without charge.

Egyptian national security prosecutors also prolonged the detention of at least five journalists in July, accusing them of belonging to a banned organization and spreading false news, according to Egypt’s Journalists’ Syndicate.

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