Al Jazeera’s journalist Mahmoud Hussein completes today Sunday 23 December 2018, two years in Egyptian prison without charges, trial or conviction. Hussein’s detention is now in violation of both Egyptian and international law, with the former setting 24 months as the maximum period for pre-trial detention.
Al Jazeera Media Network’s Acting Director General, Dr Mostefa Souag, said “Today is a sad day which we hoped would never happen. It is deplorable that Mahmoud is completing two years of detention for no crime other than being an Aljazeera journalist traveling to his home country to visit his family and loved ones. The length of his detention is a further testimony that Egypt has turned into lawless country with no respect for journalists, media freedom, human rights or even its own constitution.”
Hussein worked for Al Jazeera in various journalistic roles from Cairo and later joined Al Jazeera at its headquarters in Doha. His outstanding coverage of the developments in Egypt between 2011-2013 reflected his professionalism and courageous reporting. Hussein always aspired to cover all sides of the story to reflect developments on the ground.
Al Jazeera’s staff in Doha and around the world renew their call for the release of their colleague Mahmoud Hussein and all detained journalists.
Journalism is not a crime.

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